Pushkin Museum. Wood. Sculpture "Singers",Moscow, Russia
Hermitage, St.Petersburg, Russia
Buriat Museum, "Young Boy", portrait, Russia
Leningrad, Fountain, Russia
Moscow, Forest Society, Russia
Temple Beth Ameth, Menorah, Los Angeles, USA
Century Color Graphics, Nevada, USA
Inducon, Toronto, Canada
David Gray Corporate Law, Toronto, Canada
Perry Insurance Group, USA
Camrost Developer, Canada
Mistura Restaurant, Toronto, Canada
Sassafras Restaurant, Toronto, Canada
Misha Frid is an Official Sculptor for the 1996 US Olympic Committee, USA
Fountain "Family", Bronze, 2004, Private residence,USA
Temple Beth Emeth Beis Yeguda, 2004, Crystal Acrylic, Award, Toronto, Canada
"Lady of the Lily" Hollywood Plaza, Bronze, Development Corporation for North York, Toronto, Canada
American Sports Art Museum and Archives, "Equestrian", "Gymnast", "Stadium Jumper",
Crystal Acrylic sculptures on permanent display
"The Moment", Crystal Acrylic, Private residence, Boston, USA


Gold medal for gifted children USSR
Honorable Fellow of Sculptor Society of Moscow
Honorable Fellow of Sculptor Society of Canada
Mayer's Award for city of North York, sculpture - monument "Lady of the Lily", Canada
Award for the 100th anniversary of the 1996 US Olympic Games
California State Assembly, California Legislature
"Exquisite Harmony East - West" Award
Award from Spivakov Charity Foundation, Moscow, 2014



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